Sunday, August 10, 2014

[Enter greeting here] This morning we had lots of time devoted to the art of science. Kyle and Ben squared (both Bens) woke up at six in the name of science, and continued scienceing all morning. Lots of work got done on the experiments with the help of "Dandy" Andy, Dr. Adrian Pinto and lots of patience. We don't want to bore you with all the nuances of food facts, but it was snazzy and delicious. Group 2 (Kyle's group) had inconclusive data, which was incredibly frustrating but quite interesting. They recognized that the ants were consistently inconsistent, but peachy non-the-less. Team dATTA finders (Ben C's team) had data that was completely contradictory to what was hypothesized, but it was very interesting and they had a swell time collecting the data and gawking at the surprising ants. Saying goodbye to Dr. Pinto this afternoon was sad, but it was great that we had the experience of working under his guidance. Immediately after lunch we set off for Sensoria, a small paradise in the midst of a primary forest. Everyone got the experience of walking through the natural forest, seeing the wildlife, and learning about the trees. On top of that we also got to go swimming in three natural pools filled by waterfalls. The second and third pools were also heated by hot springs, which felt wonderful. Everyone had tons of fun swimming in these naturally created pools and getting back massages from the waterfalls. It was incredibly groovy! The scenic ride back included lots of bird flocks flying frantically from the fantastic, friendly, functional, frenetic road. They were so fabulous. Supper was super, man! Everyone is now working more on their science projects, that we will be presenting tomorrow. [Enter closing here]
Kyle and Ben D. S. C.
This is a female spider that we found by the processing plant. The small spider (barely visible) on its back is the male
Stormhawk lads

Exotic flower

This tree is about 200 years old!

This was the first water fall we went to with "blue water"

Prepped for adventure

We should all join the swim team, except Ben who didn't make it to the water in this video.

Ben and Dr. Pinto at the Ranch

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