Tuesday, August 12, 2014

We Miss You, United States!!! Today we woke up at 7:00 to pack up for our travel day. We left Finca La Anita at 9:00 and were on the road all day. At 1:00 we arrived at our new research station home thingy. This new home is in the dry forest, where it hasn't rained in three months. This is probably the first time on this entire trip where we are all pretty much dry. It's great to not have humid air all the time. The sleeping arrangements are fairly spacious, and there are provided fans, which is almost as great as air conditioning. Tonight we are going to the beach to watch for East Pacific Rim Black Turtles, which are specific only to the beach we will be visiting. Hopefully we see a turtle tonight, because if we see one before 11 pm, then we will be staying up to observe it laying eggs, and then we will be attaching a tracker to it. If all goes well, we will be able to draw up maps of where our turtle travels. Some of us got to go up on an observation tower and see an excellent view of the landscape and mountains. It was so much fun, and awe inspiring! Furthermore, we can't wait to swim tomorrow on the exotic Costa Rican beach. We have to get going now, because we are leaving soon to go turtle sweeping. Good Night United States, and see you again in a few days!!
Kyle Wegner, Lilly Even, Ben D.S. Cox
View from tower

Chillin on the bus

Our new home

Goodbye Finca La Anita!! We will miss you!!!

The tower with said view

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