Saturday, August 9, 2014

Greetings from Costa Rica! Today was eventful, and full of adventure. At 8 o'clock we were all in the dining hall ready for our meals. Our breakfast was cacao pancakes, sausage, fruit, and granola. Megan didn't eat the sausage, and Lilly didn't eat the pancakes. We then continued into the processing plant (aka our classroom) for a lecture by Andy about the ecology of the canopy. For the remainder of the morning we separated into our groups to work on our experiments. At 12:30 we headed back into the dining hall for another scrumptious meal. For lunch we had steak, salad, rice, and beans. Don't worry Megan did not eat the steak. Our excitement started to build as we saw the bus pull into the gravel road. We filed into the bus, and took the 40 minute bus ride to the canopy zip line. We got our gear on, and headed up the strenuous hill to the top of the zip line. Our excitement climaxed as Megan was chosen first to fly down the zip line. After Megan reached the first platform successfully we all began our flight through the trees. After we all made it past the many platforms, and reached the bottom we all had smiles on our faces. This adventure was a success! Following the zip lining a group of us decided to walk to the village to get homemade ice cream, and stop by the market to get some soda. When we got back we listened to Ben C's Phantom of the Opera soundtrack before heading to dinner. For dinner we had pork chops, cassava, and salad. Megan enjoyed a tortilla with cheese, tofu, and beans.  Dessert consisted of flan, and Lilly ate what we called a ball of deliciousness which was served on a lemon leaf. Next we headed back to the processing plant for a lecture by the world famous Adrian Pinto (very interesting). As we type this blog now we wish everyone over in America a good night!

-Megan and Sadie :)

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